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Customer Service Web Portals

SCOREBOARD is an interactive customer service tool that offers real time information in a secure environment--and it’s easy to use. We invite you to the world of up-to-the-second logistics information on ODW's SCOREBOARD!

SCOREBOARD is ODW's web interface through which database data is available via the Internet. We have developed a sophisticated, real time secure interface to ODW's Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), WDLS.

The user-friendly web menus allow users to navigate easily to critical operational information. All menus are customized for each client and designed to provide one-touch links to information appropriate for their business needs. All the information you need about your warehouse operations is right at your fingertips, all the time!

With Web Tools, users benefit from the following:

  • Web-based Reports
  • Instant Database Inquiries
  • System Generated Entry
  • Online Data Entry