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Modes of Transportation

Partial Truckload

Partial shipments

When routing freight not every shipment falls perfectly into the category of LTL, TL or a multi-stop shipment. For this freight, typically in the 4,000-20,000 lb, 8 ft – 28 ft trailer space, we have a strong base of carriers that offer solutions with significant savings over a dedicated TL or a large LTL. Through our partial program, you pay only for the space your freight requires, and can often speed the transit of the shipment by taking advantage of over-the-road team service.

ODW LTS, LLC. operates in partnership with ODW Logistics, Inc. but is not a subsidiary or division thereof. Transportation management and brokerage operations handled by ODW LTS are separate transactions from ODW Logistics warehouse activity and Dist-Trans, Co.'s asset-based transportation activity.