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Modes of Transportation


Our full supply chain management service offering includes both parcel and USPS returns. 
Parcel: We have leveraged the volume spends of our warehouse clients to obtain large discounts with both primary and regional parcel providers.  The shared benefits drive value back to our clients in both cost savings and ease of use as we negotiate the contracts year round to maintain optimal pricing and service.

  • Cost analysis: We offer a no charge analysis of your contract and pricing with the ability to compare that to thousands of other contracts he has reviewed and negotiated
  • Hidden Charges: There are a lot of hidden charges / accessorials / DIM weight/factor etc. that parcel carriers charge for that can be avoided through tactical analysis and negotiating.
  • Audit:
    • Service failure refunds: Most parcel service offerings are guaranteed.  If they are late, you are eligible for a refund.  However, the process of identifying late shipments is extremely long and drawn out and typically not a good use of valuable resource time. 
    • Accessorial: Verify delivery area surcharge,
    • Discount audit vs. contract
    • Over dimensional: Parcel carriers make a ton of money by charging over dimensional. 
  • Full management:
    • Audit +: If we do the audit and management, we can identify over dimensional freight and make suggestions to (a) change packaging, (b) change service type, or (c) renegotiate the contract to better fit these packages without paying over dimensional charges
    • Mode optimization – some freight may make more sense to ship via the Postal Service as an air product as it is faster and cheaper than FedEx or UPS can do.
    • Manage the breakpoint between LTL and parcel in regards to both service and price. 

USPS: We have contracts and have met the postal requirements for shipping via the USPS and are able to help make the decision between different USPS service offerings in combination with parcel offerings.

Returns: Reverse logistics can be among the most challenging obstacles in the supply chain.  We have the expertise necessary to share services with USPS, parcel carriers, and LTL or truckload carriers to reduce costs and make your returns process a turnkey solution.

ODW LTS, LLC. operates in partnership with ODW Logistics, Inc. but is not a subsidiary or division thereof. Transportation management and brokerage operations handled by ODW LTS are separate transactions from ODW Logistics warehouse activity and Dist-Trans, Co.'s asset-based transportation activity.