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Transportation Management

Partnership is at the core of our transportation management program. Strong relationships with carriers/vendors, combined with active listening skills and out of the box thinking are critical components to a successful supply chain. Our transportation management services have a strong platform of IT services and are customized to the needs of our clients. Our goal is to remove bottlenecks and duplication of efforts to improve time management within your supply chain. There are several key factors that allow us to offer a world class transportation management service:


  • Carrier Contract Management
    • Annual RFP
    • Ongoing Negotiation
    • Manage rules / accessorial charges
  • Carrier Maintenance
    • Safety scores, CSA
    • Insurance
  • Carrier Routing
    • Route guide development
    • Online rate display
  • BOL Creation
  • NMFC Class Verification
  • Carrier Tender Process
    • Tender to carrier
    • Pickup verification
  • Tracking
    • Full visibility of all real-time available data
    • Check call on non-EDI carriers
    • Proactive management
  • Freight Audit & Pay
  • Claims Management
    • File claims on behalf of client
    • Claims reporting


  • Technology:
    • Robust TMS to utilize low cost routing, customer preferred carrier routing, special ship/delivery requirements.
    • Expansive reporting capabilities
  • A focus on communication and visibility:
    • Advanced shipment notification
    • Pre-appointed deliveries
    • Proactive problem recognition and resolution
  • Extremely strong network of transportation providers
  • Safety: All partner carriers are monitored daily for driver and vehicle safety, 
    along with adequate insurance and authorities
  • Leveraged pricing and economies of scale with inbound and outbound 
    warehouse activity along with other third party transportation activity


  • Allow client to make better decisions
  • Lower costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Leverage technology to enhance all areas of the supply chain
  • Improve your customer’s satisfaction

ODW LTS, LLC. operates in partnership with ODW Logistics, Inc. but is not a subsidiary or division thereof. Transportation management and brokerage operations handled by ODW LTS are separate transactions from ODW Logistics warehouse activity and Dist-Trans, Co.'s asset-based transportation activity.