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Supply Chain Solutions


Our transportation technology gives us the visibility to analyze your shipping data to determine the most optimal method to ship freight. From turning LTLs into multi-stop truckload shipment or developing a network for pool distribution, we have the technology and expertise necessary to optimize your freight at a transactional and network level which can drive significant cost savings and service improvements.


Many companies lose visibility of return customer freight or return of pallets/packaging. We can not only make your process easier by acting as your primary source for return freight, but we can drive cost savings through a comprehensive approach to your return logistics. Every customer is different in terms of their requirements for reverse logistics. We will custom design an approach to help you save money and improve service and visibility on inbound product.


For any shipment that moves through the ODW network, we offer a no charge freight bill audit. On shipments that move outside our network, we can customize programs to fit your freight payment requirements.

ODW LTS, LLC. operates in partnership with ODW Logistics, Inc. but is not a subsidiary or division thereof. Transportation management and brokerage operations handled by ODW LTS are separate transactions from ODW Logistics warehouse activity and Dist-Trans, Co.'s asset-based transportation activity.