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Transportation Management: LTS


Our Vision
ODW Logistics is looking to build long lasting agent and customer relationships through premium logistical solutions. We view our sales agents as partners in the company and an important part of the current and future success of our business. We understand the importance of providing valued solutions and constant reviewing of our customer's logistics network so they are kept ahead of industry trends. We do this through dedicated staff with sizable experience in all aspects of transportation and warehousing.


Shipper Sales Agent Responsibilities
Let our highly motivated staff handle the day to day communication and execution with your customer while you keep the sales role flowing. Our staff is trained to learn the customer's interaction rules and grow the relationship as a CSR. You will be responsible for starting and maintaining the relationship, getting customer onboard, and maintaining the communication flows.


Pay Structure
ODW LTS pays our agents the week after the load delivers. Payments for the previous weeks deliveries are sent each Friday and is accompanied by report details of what was handled during the time period. Base agent program is centered off percentage of profit dollars received from sale of your loads. Please contact John Weber for further details.


ODW Logistics wants our agents to be equipped for success when selling on our behalf and will provide agents with marketing materials and business cards upon request. We also understand the importance of reporting for customers in today's marketplace and will design and supply our customers the information they desire.


ODW Agent Contact
John Weber
Phone: 614.654.4167
Cell: 614.634.1451
Fax: 614.492.2191

ODW LTS, LLC. operates in partnership with ODW Logistics, Inc. but is not a subsidiary or division thereof. Transportation management and brokerage operations handled by ODW LTS are separate transactions from ODW Logistics warehouse activity and Dist-Trans, Co.'s asset-based transportation activity.